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Memento Memorabilia was founded in early 2018, since then we have taken over the booming memorabilia market. We consistently stand out among the rest due to our efficiency and professionalism. 

Memento has been able to secure exclusive partnerships with some of the world's most recognized talent. 


Currently we have exclusive deals with Pele, Conor Mcgregor, Mr Brainwash and are actively signing new stars every month. 


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Exclusive Signings with 


World Stars

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Kane Swerner 


Kane Swerner has worked in talent management over his ten year career. Managing all business endeavors for top stars and currently manages the likes of England Manager Gareth Southagte, Eder, Martin Braithwaite and a variety of other talent.

Joshua Blitz


Joshua Blitz has worked in the digital IP space for the last twelve years, owning digital application rights for some of the worl's top stars such as Muhammad Ali, Pele, Snoop Dogg, Carebears, Hello Kitty and more, with over 50 IP based product currently on the market. 

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Our Mission 



Our goal is to create a wide variety of easily accessible sport memorabilia products from athletes across the world.

On our platforms we strive to provide fans and collectors with the ability to purchase one of a kind items from their favorite athletes. 

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Our Product

At Memento we hold the quality of our products to a very high standard to ensure only the best for our customers.  From the Moment the item is signed to when it is in our customer's hand we verify the integrity of our products. 

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