About Us

Who are we?

Memento Memorabilia is one of the worlds leading memorabilia partners. We work directly with athletes and celebrities to strategize their market goals, creating value and set market price, insuring no canabilization can occur. 

With the use of our proprietary technology, our data forecasts demand and creates a plan of how the talents memorabilia should be distributed to maximize profits.


By partnering with Memento the talent creates value for years to come.

The Team

Our fantastic team here at Memento covers all aspects of the memorabilia space to make your life easier. From the initial agreements, organizing product/venue location to orchestrating the signing session itself. We handle everything at the highest level of professionalism.


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Looking for a new opportunity? We’re hiring!

Our team consists of many different cultural backgrounds and we welcome all to apply! 

Kane Swerner and Joshua Blitz 

Kane Swerner comes from a sports management background, having managed some of the biggest names in the world and has been a private memorabilia collector for many years. Joshua Blitz previously founded and exited a mobile app and data company, working with many large sports IP and brands.


Kane saw a problem in the space when he would facilitate memorabilia deals for his clients. “There was no market strategy. My clients would sign for one company today and a different the next. This created competition on pricing which in turn drove market value down, meaning the next deals that came in were not as lucrative”. Kane realized that with a proper distribution strategy the market could hold value and increase.

That’s when Kane partnered with Joshua to develop proprietary technology that formulates the demand and forecasts the market strategy. Mementos data scientists then digest the data and put together a key plan of execution for the talent. 


Our Founders